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Power Columns 1999

December 1999

December 16, 1999
U.S. and British Policy Towards Saddam Hussein is Dangerously Counterproductive

December 10, 1999
After China Wins Back Macao (on dec. 19th) Does it Grab the South China Sea?

December 3, 1999
America's Push on the Caspian Pipeline is Not Good Sense for the Oil Companies


November 1999

November 26, 1999
Seattle Trade Meeting is Going to Go Nowhere

November 19, 1999
Pakistan Coup Tells Us a Lot About the West's Attitude to Nuclear Weapons

November 11, 1999
The Berlin Wall: Measuring Present Leaders Against Gorbachev

November 5, 1999
Guatemala's Election, Saturday, and the Ending of Latin America's Worst Murder Story



October 30, 1999
The War in Chechnya Highlights Russia's Growing Regional Dilemna

October 22, 1999
There Is a Danger that Pinochet Will Now Be Set Free on Humanitarian Grounds

October 17, 1999
Defeat of the Test Ban Treaty and the Coup in Pakistan Marks the Path to Nuclear War

October 8, 1999
Lament for Independent Africa's Greatest Leader

October 1, 1999
Time Overdue to Give Kosovo its Independence



September 23, 1999
At Last, the Opportunity to Allow Turkey to Join the European Union

September 17, 1999
Is the U.S. Mining the Ground for the UN Troops in East Timor?

September 9, 1999
Death of the Red Bishop

September 3, 1999
Hard Decisions for Indonesia's Mrs Megawati After East Timor's Referendum


August 1999

August 20, 1999
Europe Starting to Boom is Going to Shatter Some American Myths

August 13, 1999
Colombia: The U.S. Military is in Danger of Going to War on the Wrong Side

August 6, 1999
North Korea's Light in the Tunnel


July 1999

July 30, 1999
A New King in Morocco and a New Opportunity

July 23, 1999
The Congo: Might This Be the Re-birth of True UN Peacekeeping?

July 9, 1999
Answer to Clinton's Recent Speech in Europe

July 2, 1999
India and Pakistan Must Be Stopped From Going to Nuclear War, But How?


June 1999

June 23, 1999
After Kosovo Iraq Still Remains Defiant

June 18, 1999
Finally, a Break Through in Third World Poverty

June 10, 1999
This Will Not Solve the Kosovo Problem

June 3, 1999
On How Not to Get a New U.S. Trade Bill


Maj 1999

May 30, 1999
All Change in Nigeria and South Africa

May 15, 1999
Latin American Strong Man Riding Back into Town?

May 7, 1999
Sanctions are the Worst Weapons of Mass Destruction


April 1999

April 23, 1999
The Ethnic Question has Helped Destroy the Century

April 15, 1999
Turkish Election: An Occasion to Revise Relationship

April 7, 1999
This War is Immoral, and There Is an Alternative


March 1999

March 31, 1999
There IS an Alternative to Bombing

March 24, 1999
Bombing Serbia is Dangerously Counterproductive
(Serbo-Croatian version)

March 10, 1999
Light in the Dark Tunnel of the Arms Trade

March 3, 1999
America is in Danger of Alienating the World


February 1999

February 24, 1999
Obasanjo--the Last Great Hope for Nigeria?

February 17, 1999
The End of an Arab Era Gives Israel its Last Chance

February 10, 1999
The Destructive Rush for Caspian Oil

February 3, 1999
The German Row on Nuclear Reprocessing Obscures the Real Danger - Japan


January 1999

January 27
Is Letting Them Fight It Out in Angola the Only Choice?

January 20
A Time for Accounting; Cambodia's War Crimes Were Second only to Hitler's

January 13
The U.S. and North Korea Could be Heading for the Nuclear Abyss

January 6
Perhaps There Will Be No Major Wars in the Next Century




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