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Power Columns 1998

December 1998

December 28, 1998
On the Eve of the Euro the Question Remains, What Is Europe?

December 16, 1998
An Opening at Long Last for Nuclear Disarmament

December 9, 1998
To Solve the Crisis of the Turkish Kurds Will Need Both Europe and the U.S.

December 2, 1998
The Restitution of Nazi Theft - The Spotlight Should Now Move to Austria


November 1998

November 25
The Pinochet Decision: Remember the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

November 18
The Congo - It Is Not Africa's First World War.
It is Tribalism

November 4
Could the Visit This Week to Washington of German Green Foreign Minister Rub Off on Clinton?


October 1998

October 28
Why Is There No Fuss About the Italian Communists Taking Power?

October 21
Pinochet's Arrest - A Warning to Hussein and Milosevic

October 14
Will the German Greens Now In Government Stand By Their Beliefs?

October 7
Cardosa's Election Win in Brazil Gives the Most Endowed Country on Earth Another Chance


September 1998

September 30
The Millstone of African Debt Must Be Lifted at the Annual World Bank/IMF Meeting About to Begin in Washington

September 23
Grave Mistakes in the Global Financial Crisis

September 17
China Is Not As Strong As We Think

September 9
Human Development Could Save the World From the Impact of a Global Recession

September 2
The Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost


August 1998

August 26
The Survival of Clinton, Kohl and Persson

August 19
Clinton's Live and Let Live Foreign Policy Catches the Wind

August 12
Pakistan and India Play With Nuclear Fire

August 5
Russia's Disintegration Has to be Stopped


July 1998

July 29
The World Criminal Court--American Isolationism is Self-defeating

July 22
Death of an Immortal

July 15
There Are Vessted Interests in War Making

July 1
On Dropping Both Netanyahu and Arafat--An Alternative Way to Peace


June 1998

June 24
Clinton in China Doing the Right Thing, Nevertheless Overlooks India

June 17
A World Criminal Court, To Be or Not to Be

June 10
After Suharto, Opportunity for East Timor

June 3
An Opportunity to Get Rid of the Indian and Pakistani Bombs


May 1998

May 27
World-Wide Implications for Peru-Ecuador Peace Agreement to be Finalized Next Week

May 20
Hong Kong's First Elections Since China Took Over (On Sunday, May 24th)

May 13
Next Week's Referendums to Approve the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement

May 6
Is the Next Step a United States of Europe?


April 1998

April 29
Dealing With Saddam the Song Might Be Mightier Than the Sword

April 15
A Great But Disturbing Rocket Secret

April 8
The Grave Threat Posed by Indian Nuclear Weapons

April 1
April 4th Anniversary of the Death of Martin Luther King is a Time For Accounting


March 1998

March 25
Africa as the Next Tiger

March 18
On Voting Against China in Next Week's Human Rights Meeting

March 11
The Expansion of NATO Could Lead Us Back to the Cold War

March 4
In Battle with Rupert Murdoch. A Personal View


February 1998

February 25
A Reborn UN Under Annan?

February 18
The 1990 Blueprint for Dealing With Saddam
is Unsuitable for 1998

February 11
Indian General Elections Begins on Monday

February 4
50th Anniversary of the Death of Gandhi


January 1998

January 28
Clinton's Dangerous Options With Saddam Hussein

January 21
The British Are Missing an Historic Opportunity in Europe

January 14
Columbus' Legacy to the Pope and Castro


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