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Jonathan Power
Distinguished columnist for, among others, the International Herald Tribune. TFF Associate since 1991. TFF has published all of his weekly columns. Read the most recent ones and check out the archive here.

Jan Oberg
TFF's director and co-founder has produced shorter comments, debate articles as well as more analytical and comprehensive studies. These may be in English, Swedish or Danish. See the most recent as well as those in the archives from the past 10 years.

Vicky Samantha Rossi
Specialises in interviews with peace visionairies as well as peace activists and thinkers in conflict regions.


Ellen Frank's
Paintings for Peace

A TFF Associate in whose works artistic expression, beauty and peace melt into one.


Oberg's Photos
Photo series from various countries in which TFF works but many other themes too.


Schiffmann's Photos
A TFF Associate with an eye for the wonders of everyday situations. (Not yet ready).


Yusra Moshtat
"I weave my memeories and my hopes for Iraq" - Woven carpets in traditional Iraqi style.