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Annette Schiffmann

Born in 1954. Kindergardener, printer, designer, photographer, human rights and peace activist with a focus on the embargo and war against Iraq over the last six years:;

- working against death penalty with focus on the USA and for the freedom of the African-American journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, who has been on Pennsylvania’s death row for 22 years now:;

Specialized in public relations, organizing, networking, and fundraising for small political and cultural groups and organizations – entertaining an own small network-agency for public relations and social sponsoring

Projects in 2008

Organizing and public relations for an International Conference „Iraq – Alternatives to the ongoing War and Occupation“ on March, 8th, in Berlin:

Public relation ampaign for Heidelberg’s Women’s Emergency Line with the focus on realizing victim protection:

Projects in 2007

Research support for the documentary „In Prison My Whole Life“ about Mumia Abu-Jamal and the death penalty in the United States which was officially supported by Amnesty International and premiered on Ocotober 25th, 2007, in London and Rome:
and invited as competitor for the US Sundance Film Festival in January.

Organizing a speaking tour for Dr. Michael Schiffmann’s book „Race Against Death – the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal“ in 42 venues all over Germany, Switzerland, and Austria:

Public relations for the Theater Heidelberg:

Projects in 2006

Travelling with the exhibition „Purple Hearts – My Heart is Burning“ in Denmark, greatest venue in Copenhagen at the Denmark Social Forum.

Organizing a German presentation journey for Linn Washington, Professor for Journalism at Temple Universitiy in Philadelphia, to speak about the death penalty, the US-American justice system and the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal in the German-American Institutes in Heidelberg, Freiburg, Tuebingen and in Berlin:

Organizing the first Gala-of-Stars for the AIDS-help Heidelberg:

Projects in 2005

Concept and fundraising for a one-year public relation and prevention campaign for the Women’s Emergency Line against Sexual Violence Heidelberg, ending with a city-wide public exhibition:

Concept and realisation of the exhibition „Purple Hearts – my Heart is Burning“ with Nina Berman’s photos of wounded US soldiers and Dhar Jamails photo’s of wounded Iraqi civilians – shown in 13 different venues in Germany:;;;

Campaign to get clemency for Stanley Tookie Williams in California’s death row – without success: California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger denied the world wide plea. Tookie Williams was executed on December, 13th, 2005

Some Projects in 2004

Organizing the Interntational Stop-the-Wall-Conference in Cologne against the Wall in Israel-Palestine including fundraising -

Ongoing campaign against the war in Iraq and for the freedom of Margret Hassan

Writing a series of articles about the torture-scandal in Abu-Ghraib and the prison system in the USA:

Organizing the German campaign around the 50th birthday of Mumia Abu-Jamal, on death row for 23 years, including big advertisements in a major German newspaper and a fundraiser for Abu-Jamals legal defense.

Projects in 2003

Organizing the Coalition Against the War on Iraq and five big demonstrations in my home town Heidelberg/Germany  -

Organizing two German peace delegations to Iraq  -

Fundraising for the International Uranium Weapons Conference in Hamburg/Germany from 16 – 19 October 2003-09-14

Fundraising for the Berlin situated AG-Erfahren, who are organizing German-Turkish youth travels to Turkey and their newly founded intercultural meeting place near Izmir/West-Turkey  -

Some Projects in 2002

Organizing the International Iraq-Congress in Berlin in November 2002:

Organizing the Heidelberg award for Rafik Shami, German-Syrian Poet and Writer in Heidelberg

Main interests during the last 30 years:

- learning everything worthwhile about psychology, sociology, international politics with focus on the USA, children’s education, sexual abuse of children, violence in relationships, the death penalty especially in the USA

My favoured approach to learn about life:
Talking with people, endless curiosity, reading thrillers, taking photos, bringing together people of most different parts of life, appreciating good art of any kind, listening to kids, reading Afro-American women’s literature

I want to express my eternal gratitude, joy, and fun, for having met Jan and Christina on the International Iraq Conference in Berlin in November 2003, and for knowing them better since August 2003 – they both make life lovelier, funnier, and much more worthwhile with their ideas, ideals, their cooking, their jokes, and their committment – with people like them we can and will achieve a better world.

Annette Schiffmann joined TFF as an Associate in August 2003 and became member of the Board in August 2006.


Moselbrunnenweg 2/1
D-69118 Heidelberg


+ 49-6221-889 49 55





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Articles by Annette Schiffmann

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Annette Schiffmann, December 17, 2010
Half of Heaven - 99 women and YOU...
99 portraits of women, 99 life perspectives, 99 audio interviews
What are you proud of in your life? What is the up side of being a women - and the down side? Do you know anybody who has experienced violence...?
Touching portraits and significant statistics about the role of violence in women's lives.

Annette Schiffmann, April 3, 2010
Half the sky...
99 women and...
New website for an exhibition with photos and stories about women around the world and power structures. (In German but pictures speak across languages).

Annette Schiffmann, TFF Board member strongly urges you to sign this petition:
Mumia Abu-Jamal and the global abolition of the death penalty

Annette Schiffmann
Please support Troy Davis
Davis has been 18 years on death row for a murder he did not commit. Here is the background and here the petition

Annette Schiffmann, April 21, 2009
Troy Davis facing execution again: Please take action now!

Annette Schiffmann, March 30, 2009
Appeal: Justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal

This April the US-American radio journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal will celebrate his 55th birthday – the 27th on death r

Annette Schiffmann & Jan Oberg
War anniversaries: It is all going so well in Iraq and the Balkans - isn't it?
March 20 marks the 6th anniversary of the Iraq War and March 24 the 10th anniversary of the destruction of Yugoslavia...

Annette Schiffmann, October 21, 2008
Finality before Justice - Execution date for Troy Davis set for October 27th

TFF PressInfo 229, December 2, 2005
Tookie Williams - from gang leader to children's book author and peace activist...but
He is scheduled to die by injection on December 13. Breaking news is that the California High Court won't spare him. Unless Governor Schwarzenegger intervenes to stop the execution. TFF Associate Annette Schiffmann writes the Tookie story and tells you how you can help save his life - but please act now!

PressInfo 224, July 15, 2005
Purple Hearts - My Heart is Burning
PressInfo by TFF Associate Annette Schiffmann, herself a photographer and peace activist, about Nina Berman's photos of wounded veterans from the war in Iraq. There are around 37.000 physically wounded; those mentally wounded are not counted at all. Contrary to the dead, these people can talk about how their lives have been destroyed - for nothing. There is an exhibition of these deeply moving pictures that you can rent. And there is a documentary and more stories by some of the victims. It's all inside this PressInfo.

PressInfo 224, 27:e juli 2005
Purpurhjärtan - Mitt hjärta brinner
Om Nina Bermans bilder och boken om sårade veteraner från Irak-kriget. Samma som ovan och under. Av Annette Schiffmann.
Länkar till allt relevant material, foto-serien och dokumentarfilm. "Dessa bilder berör. Till skillnad från de döda soldaterna kan de sårade tala. Utställningen bör visas på många platser i de nordiska länderna - hjälp till!" - säger TFF:s direktör Jan Öberg.

PressInfo 224, 21. juli, 2005
Purpurhjerter - Mit Hjerte Brænder
PressInfo af TFF-Associerede Annette Schiffmann, som selv er fotograf og fredsaktivist, om Nina Bermans fotografier af sårede veteraner fra Irakkrigen. Der er omkring 37.000 fysisk sårede; de der er psykisk sårede regnes overhovedet ikke. I modsætning til de døde, kan disse mennesker tale om hvordan deres liv er blevet ødelagt - til ingen nytte.
Der er lavet en udstilling med disse dybt bevægende billeder, som man kan leje. Og der er en dokumentarfilm og flere historier fortalt af nogle af ofrene.
Alt kan ses i denne pressemeddelelse.
"Denne udstilling bør vises i alle de nordiske lande, ikke mindst i det krigsførende Danmark," siger TFF-direktør Jan Øberg.

Systematic abuse and turture in US prisons - abroad and at home

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