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Troy Davis facing execution again !

Annette Schiffmann, TFF's Board

April 20, 2009

The torture of death row prisoner Troy Davis is moving to the next level.

After a huge campaign with more than 300.000 people signing petitions on his behalf within a few weeks last October, he had received a stay of execution based on a new last-minute appeal to the federal appeals court in Atlanta.

The stay came just two days before the execution date that had been scheduled for October 27th, 2008.

Troy Davis appealed to the 11th Circuit court for a new trial. By April 16th the Court has now denied the appeal with a 2:1 decision. The dissenting Judge Rosemary Barkett wrote: “To execute Davis, in the face of a significant amount of proferred evidence that may establish his actual innocence, is unconscionable and unconstitutional.”

This denial allows for a 30-day execution stay for Troy to appeal to the US Supreme Court.  After 30 days the stay will be automatically lifted and he will face his third (!) execution date.

Amazingly Troy Davis is still finding words of hope:

„I want you to know that the trauma placed on me and my family as I have now faced execution and the death chamber three times is more punishment that most can bear.  Yet as I face this state-sanctioned terror, I realize one constant--my faith is unwavering, the love of my family and friends is massive, and the fight for justice and against injustice by activists worldwide has ignited a fire that is raging for human rights and human dignity....We must dismantle this unjust system, city by city, state by state, and country by country.....Never stop fighting for justice, and we will win!“


I urge you strongly: Let us help him with that!

Please join us and Amnesty Interntational’s call and sign the petition

Read the short fact sheet

Read my 2008 article on Troy

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