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The real story:
How Milosevic was much more evil
than you ever knew # 3



Jan Oberg, TFF director


Lund, Sweden - March 12-13, 2006

 Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


How soft-headed to call Milosevic a butcher only

My objective research lead me to conclude that there is some strange kind of softness or sentimentalism now this evil man has died. The media and the Western diplomats who speak about him these days should grasp the broader and deeper dimensions of his conspiracy, his intrigue and his Fascist plan and not only call him a butcher. "Butcher" is kind of too homy, if you see what I mean, makes this Balkan Monster too human. But he was a beast.

There is no doubt that every massacre that happened, every village that was torched and any woman who was raped all happened because of his personal cruel Master Plan and on his order. History, economy, the activities of other actors in former YU don't mean a thing. He is guilty of it all and we should not be afraid of saying it aloud just because he has died.


Thank God we woke up in time

Therefore let us all celebrate that the Slovenes, Croats, Bosniaks, Albanians, the EU, the U.S. and everybody else in the international community started comparing notes and recognized - just before it would have been too late - that they were all pawns in Milosevic' game. They had all been lured into his cobweb of lies, false promises and calculated moves to play their mutually compatible and individually innocent roles in his sadistic drama. Had they not woken up in time, they would all live in Greater Serbia - and so would the rest of us in Europe presumably.

Fortunately, Bill Clinton helped Franjo, last moment, to drive the Serbs out of Croatia. They had to pay that price although they had lived there fore 400 years and defended Europe against the Turks once upon a time. You can't win them all, as they say! Fortunately we did not give Serb minorities anywhere in YU the support we gave the other minorities - so they ran to Serbia and became refugees with no right to return.

Sanctions on Serbia was only fair. Remember Slobo took steps early that ruined the economy as we have shown above. What a luck that we revealed in time that names like Stupni Do, Merkhala, the Bread Queue Massacre, Srebrenica and Racak etc. was all the work of this sadistic maniac.

The only good thing about him was that his policies permitted us to stand up for principles of human rights, freedom and dignity that we Westerners believe so deeply in. Thus we could bomb in Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Serbia proper with good conscience and look back upon everything we did as good and fair and just. Now there is true peace everywhere.

Slobo and his Serbs only got what they deserved: just war. The dream of Greater Serbia became a de facto Smaller Serbia. We were all fooled by him but, thank God and Praise the Prophet, we got it all right before it was too late.

Now he is dead. Serves him right. His death was a little abrupt - presumably part of some new Plan in this monster's mind. It would perhaps be more fair if he had gotten a lifetime sentence and suffered for years in his cell half dying with inadequate medical assistance. We don't know and why bother? We did the right thing and got Serbs and Serbia on their knees because they were the last nationalists in our globalizing world, stubborn, backward and self-pitying.



Just a few questions remain to be investigated

There isn't much more to say. It's all clear. But I am aware that research is an ongoing process. You have to re-search and challenge even your own assumptions and results. I know I must study much more questions such as these:

Why were everybody else in former YU so naïve? Why did they willingly act out the roles he assigned to them, from the Slovenes to the Albanians?

How come that so many Westerners were so easy to fool? Why were they so innocent and why did they go along with this monster for so long? Why did ministers, mediators, ambassadors, Contact Group members queue up outside his office or meet him at international conferences year after year?

Why on earth did they let him, the man guilty of everything - and they must have known it at some point - sign the Dayton Agreement under the leadership of Richard Holbrooke in 1995?

How come one mission after the other was established in Belgrade and Kosovo and why did this Holbrooke - who the day after Milosevic' death in a CNN interview used Hitler and Mao and Pol Pot and Stalin to describe his evil - do business with him as later as autumn 1998?

I am sure it could not possibly be because they were of the same stock.


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The medialised sentence and public opinion based distribution of guilt

Permit me to end this analysis with a few serious and slightly more truthful observations than the above fiction.

Slobodan Milosevic was undoubtedly responsible for much of the suffering, of that I am totally convinced too. But I have a nasty mind. I sense the international so-called community is happy that the final proof of what Slobodan Milosevic was responsible for will never be presented to the world. We'll never know how big is the difference between the facts and the accusations against him. Leading media already give full throttle to prejudice, biases, propaganda and factual mistakes - no risk of being proven wrong or seen as exaggerating later by a Hague sentence.

At the end of the day, what does it matter? Holbrooke made a surprisingly innovative distinction when interviewed by CNN's Becky Anderson on March 12, namely the one between the not-so-important legal procedure and sentence in the Hague (that we will never get now) and the judgment or verdict of years by what he called the world public opinion. The truth was, he said, that the latter had already condemned Milosevic and so his death was actually nothing but rough justice.

So we should feel good about the fact that no one any longer respects the principle that a person shall be considered innocent until proven guilty. General public opinion that is based on the media, at least for those who have no personal relation with or can visit the hot spot in question and see for themselves, is enough. War reporters, commercialised media, commentators and selected experts are now the real judges in the - Holbrooken - future.

Exit analysis, complexity, fairness, impartiality and truth-seeking. The truth about the world is constructed and medialised and it serves as the final moral High Judge.

As you will have understood by now, most of this article contains stories, lies and inventions. I could find no other tools to explain at a deeper level what made Milosevic and the Serbs - and only them - the architects of Evil in the new medialised court room.

Those who blame exclusively the Serbs and Milosevic for the Balkan tragedy and invoke Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot must base themselves on an analysis fairly close to the invented story I have told above. If not, would they please present their analysis so anyone can judge for themselves the words they freely throw around.

If they don't, the medialised Justice will continue to be nothing but racism in disguise.


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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


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