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The real story:
How Milosevic was much more evil
than you ever knew # 2



Jan Oberg, TFF director


Lund, Sweden - March 12-13, 2006

 Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

How Slobo orchestrated the killing of at least 250.000 in Bosnia

I think we begin to see the basic element in Milosevic' perverse tactics. Tell the others to seek independence, get nationalist and go for Greater Slovenia, Greater Croatia, Greater Bosnia, Greater Albania, etc. When they do, he gets a pretext for invading them, smash them up and take their land and - Keine Hexerei - there it is: Greater Serbia! None of the others actually wanted any of it, but he seduced them, one by one!

Bosnia's Muslim leader, Alija - a good-hearted fundamentalist - was the next to be lead by the nose. Slobo asked him for a little favour that could serve as a pretext for invading Bosnia too. He would then help Alija, the ever non-decisive, to get his desired Muslim Bosnia.

"Alija, if we cooperate, you'll get much more than 43% of the territory for your 43% Muslims. Let's ethnically cleanse the Bosnian Croats out to the coast into the water or whatever, and then we share the rest of Bosnia as long as I get more than 33% for my Serb people. The best way you can get a strong Muslim foothold there is to build an Army but you can only do that if I have first made a few attacks with the YU Army - JNA you know - parts of which have always been in Bosnia. I'll give you all the Muslims in it and send you some of my Sandjak Muslims here in Serbia; then you call up your Al-Queda friends and build an army for your new Bosnia.

All I need, God willing I beg with your help Alija, is that you treat my Bosnian Serb countrymen really badly. Please make some attempts on the life of this mad psychiatrist Karadzic and chase him out of his party office and home in Sarajevo with drunkard Ratko Whateverishisname. Secondly, hold a referendum on independence that looks democratic in Western eyes, and don't worry that your Serbs wont participate. That helps me too.

Soon you'll declare Bosnia independent and both your Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Croats will go mad. That's when you'll need an Army. You can get some of the JNA arms but tell Clinton and Albright that you are defenceless against my troops. After Kuwait they need to show Muslims some goodwill.

By the way, you'll become a national hero too among your Bosniaks. Just send Karadzic and the others running to me and I'll guarantee you that they wont bother you ever again!"


He knew of course he was lying.

Izetbegovic who had been in Tito's prison for his books about Islam-run states across the world felt happy at this prospect. But what this poor man didn't understand was that Tudjman was already planning to send his Croats over the border and carve up Bosnia and that Milosevic wouldn't keep one single of his words. Instead he would get his Greater Serbia in the major parts of Bosnia.

Genius as he was, Slobo actually told EU ambassadors that it would be great if the EU chose to recognize Bosnia as an independent state on April 6, 1992 - saying to the Germans that they could quite fitting celebrate Hitler's destruction of Yugoslavia 51 years earlier - in 1941 when, by the way, little Slobo had been born.

This was a recipe for making the Serbs in Bosnia go mad, because they didn't want that independent Bosnia, neither to be reminded by Germans about Hitler's destruction of their country. So, just humiliate them on that very day, Slobo begged - then they will come to me for protection. Naturally, he did not tell Alija that he had already encouraged Franjo to invade Bosnia north, west and south down to Mostar.

This is how Slobo callously cheated Alija and staged the wars and the ethnic cleansing, the concentration camps etc. in Bosnia that killed a quarter of a million, including the 8.000 in Srebrenica. It's the favourite story and undisputed figure presented by CNN's Senior Reporter, Christiane Armanpour - and therefore by everybody else considered the truth about Bosnia. And it is. I am only explaining how Slobo was alone behind it all, while CNN only tells us that he was.

It's hard to understand but no one seemed at the time to have a clue about the games Slobo was playing with one innocent player after the other.

Here is what CNN, Holbrooke and all the rest never really tell us but what I am telling you now: how this evil man - the Father of all Evil as his fellow dictator Saddam would probably have said -made moves that started the war in Croatia only to open the next one in Bosnia.

While the international community, i.e. Clinton and a Blair and a handful more, were all engaged in Croatia and Bosnia, Slobo was already conspiring against the Albanians.

All his counterparts in YU and the international community was just pawns on his chess board. Alija ran around in camouflage outfit and was eventually forced to run not one or two wars but three wars that he had never wanted!

These wars were against the Bosnian Serbs, a year against the peace-loving Croats in Hercegovina/Herceg Bosna and Tudjman's troops from Zagreb and, finally, with his own Muslims in the Bihac pocket (that slimy Fikhret Abdic who'd been a business man in Belgrade..) - all because Slobo had given him a offer he found too good to refuse at the time. This man of peace deeply regretted that he ever listened to Slobo and then had to fight all these wars when in fact he would just have loved to sit reading religious books in between prayers.


Next, Kosovo…

Then there were the Western oriented, peace-loving Albanians in Serbia's southern province. Slobo had a more serious problem here: how would he force them into submission when they had absolutely no intention of independence and thus could not be expected to follow in the footsteps of Franjo and Alija?

Even worse, how could he make a deal with their leader, Dr. Rugova who was much too decent to go shopping for weapons abroad and was a man of literature from Sorbonne?

Slobo's manipulative creativity knew no boundaries. He did three things to keep Kosovo inside Greater Serbia - well, it was an integral part of Serbia already. Puffing his cigar, he took away the province's autonomy by decree, because: who were they and who had Tito been to think that it was right that the Albanians had their own local government in Pristina and - together with the other autonomous province in Voivodina - would be able to block any decision in the Serbian parliament? Who had this half-Croat Tito been who thought that Serbia should not be a master in its own house? No way, it wasn't right!

After all, Slobo thought by himself, Serbia is the most multi-ethnic republic (another lie of course in this perverted nationalist's foggy mind) so why should they have special rights that we Serbs don't enjoy anywhere?

And of course he knew full well that the otherwise loyal and never-ever complaining Kosovars would go bananas if he humiliated them by taking their special status away and they would enjoy the same rights like everybody else in Serbia or YU for that matter.

Secondly, around 1993 he began to pay a few murky extremist Kosovo-Albanian guys a lot of money for starting the UCK or the Kosovo-Albanian Liberation Army, KLA. The German Secret Service and later CIA thought it was a good idea to militarize the whole place, because then they could export arms to Kosovo - which this weird Rugova, the pacifist, would not even be able to think of.

Although there were no nationalists or separatist in Kosovo, Milosevic calculated that if KLA got strong enough and could intimidate their softer Kosovo-Albanians fellows and he then - naturally - stepped up his police-state control of the province, there would soon be quite a few who would cry out for separation and independence. So did Rugova predictably shortly after, but independence through war was much better for all than independence through non-violence, wasn't it?

In passing, let me illustrate how Slobo also made mistakes. Among those he paid to kill Serbs were Albanians such as Ramush Haradinaj, Hacim Thaci and Agim Ceku. A good decade later he meets Haradinaj in the Hague, also indicted like himself for war crimes. The difference? Haradinaj was allowed by the Hague Tribunal to go back to Kosovo and participate in politics; nothing like that was granted Slobo, not even health care in Moscow.

And only a few days before Slobo died, darling of the West, Agim Ceku became Prime Minister of Kosovo - rewarded for his bravery in driving out Serbs from Croatia in 1995 and Serbs from Kosovo in 1999 in the wake of NATO's destruction, a good 400.000 all in all. What an irony - but it's only fair that the West accept Albanian reverse ethnic cleansing in the light of Milosevic's incredible cruelty.

Here is his calculation from the early 1990s. When it would get really hot down in Kosovo, he would show his military strength and drive the Albanians out: Lebensraum in all of Kosovo for his Serbs, the cradle of Serbian culture (pure propaganda).

What I hope to have explained to you now is how Slobo was the man who created Albanian nationalism, separatism and militarism. KLA's activities and killing of Serbs would then serve as a pretext for him to intervene and wipe them all out or kill them, 1,5 million. And have no doubt, he had the Horseshoe Plan (Clinton said he had and thus it must be true, because Clinton never lied). If Slobo had concentration camps in Bosnia, why should he not also want to exterminate 1,5 million Albanians?

Indeed, Slobo needed the UCK-KLA, so he invented it. And thus, by sheer logic, he must have been the man who whispered into the ears of the German BND and the CIA that they should build the KLA, 20.000 fighters with good training, uniforms and arms and take KLA off the US government's list of terror organizations. It all worked according to his Master Plan.



How Slobo became Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot in one: Rwanda!

Well, I could go on and on. But you get the thrust of my analysis: He single-handed caused all the tragedy in former YU. Here for the first time you get the full analysis of how he did it. There is too much diplomacy and sentimentalism somehow, too much wishy-washy talk of the complexity of all this. No defence of him or his fellow Serbs is possible. This conflict was unique in looking complex but being in fact so very simple: one big black and many smaller whites. And Slobo was the big black guy who deserved to be punished and now to be dead.

Oh, yes, talking about black..I almost forgot to tell you how he is likely to have been behind the genocides in Rwanda and Burundi too. We somehow missed what happened there at the time. This is about an early Axis of Evil between China, YU and Rwanda that he masterminded while you thought at the time that he only did bad things in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo.

You remember that the U.S. bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade? We were told that it was a mistake, after which CIA stood for Can't Identify Anything. Be this as it may, dictators know each other, and no doubt Slobo must have been on good terms with Mobutu in Congo. Indeed he probably had shares in the diamond mines there. Slobo had begun to build good relations with China since he knew that if his YU plot was revealed, no one would support him in Europe or the U.S. So he had started courting China and invited tens of thousands of Chinese to become citizens of Serbia.

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Some time in the 1994 he sent his son Marko down to Mobutu on diamond business but after a stop-over in Nairobi, the plane was forced to go down in Kigali, Rwanda due to bad weather. Somehow this Mafia Marko was received at the highest level and got word that a genocide was underway but those who planned it had mentioned that they needed to import millions of machetes. They knew China produced them. So Marko immediately called up his father in Belgrade and, yes, he would be more than willing to serve as middleman to the Chinese. Against a fee, of course. How many millions of machetes were needed, did you say? Ethnic cleansing here and there, it the same everywhere...

So Milosevic became a low-tech arms dealer too with a Chinese Connection, mafia money and what have you. It seems beyond doubt that the machetes that were used to kill more than a million in the two small African states were brought there thanks to Milosevic Junior and Senior.

So when the Chinese helped Slobo with military communication and intelligence during NATO's destruction of Serbia, Clinton thought that the very least he could do to compensate for doing nothing about the African genocide was to kill two birds with one stone.

That's how he came to bomb the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, or more precisely the corner of it that contained all the military and intelligence communication. Thus he punished both the Chinese and Slobo for their role in both YU and Rwanda and Burundi.

This also points to the deep logic in having two International Crimes Tribunals, one for YU (1993) and one for Rwanda (1994) and only for these two wars of all: Slobo the Stalinist-Maoist was behind both.

I have now revealed to you how you can safely add another million at least to his millions of victims. No wonder we hear the media call him the names they do...


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© TFF & the author 2006  

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