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Conflict Resolution in the field


American Friends Service Committee - Quakers


Anti-Nuclear websites

Asia and the Pacific peace organisation directory - Conflict Prevention Org

British Helsinki Human Rights Group

Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Carter Center, USA

Center for Conflict-Resolution, Copenhagen

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Coexistence Initiative

Conciliation Resources, England

ConflictNet and PeaceNet -
IGC, Institute for Global Communication

Conflict Resolution Network

Conflict Resolution Network's Training Manual

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio)

David Adams - Movement for a Culture of Peace

Earth Charter Initiative

European Platform for Conflict Prevention and Transformation

Foreningen for Mediation/Konfliktmægling

Global Education Associates

Global Exchange

Global issues

Humanitarian Practise Networ - ODI, England

International Alert, London

International Centre for Peace Initiatives, Mumbai, India

IPB, International Peace Bureau

Israeli and Palestinian Peace Groups

IUPIP - The International University of Peoples' Institutions for Peace

IWPR - Institute for War and Peace Reporting, London

The Japan Center for Conflict Prevention (JCCP)

Jewish Peace Fellowship, JPF

Le Memorial de Caen - A Museum for Peace

Life and Peace Institute, Sweden

Museums for peace - links

Muslim Peace Fellowship and here

Nobel Prize e-Museum

Norbert's links - Peace

Nordic Forum for Mediation, Scandinavia

Pathways to Peace

PAX 2100 Forum

Peace Brigades International

Pearson Peacekeeping Centre - Peacekeeping and conflict-management - resources

PeaceLinks from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation - very comprehensive

Peace Team Newsletter

Peacewire, Canada - WILPF

Quakers - background and bibliography

Reporting the world - peace journalism, England

Search for Common Ground

Soka Gakkai International

State of the World Forum

Think Sangha - Buddhist think tank

Transcend - A Peace and Development Network

Union of Concerned Scientists

United Nations family

WAMM - Women Against Military Madness

War and Peace Recommended links

War-Torn Societies Project

Western Justice Center, California

Women Building Peace - International Alert

WomenWarPeace - Women, Peace and Security Portal - UNIFEM

WomenWarPeace, Info Sources

Worldwide Calendar on Peacemaking Events


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Former Yugoslavia







Conflict-Resolution in the field

Peace Research


Reconciliation, truth
and forgiveness

Globalisation & Globalism

September 11 and terror

Intelligence, covert
operations & psycho-warfare


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