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September 11, Islam & terrorism

- where you will also find a few sites about Islam in general and Muslim concepts of peace, mostly produced by Muslims.

American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice

Americans and the World - public opinion

Between the Lines

Boston Research Centre

Center for Strategic Education - William Arkin's links

Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism

Democide - governments murdered 174 million people in the 20th century

Eurasianet - Central Asian countries

EU responses to terrorism

Extremism/Terrorism - ISN link library

Google Directory on Islam, science and education

Islam, peace and nonviolence - a select bibliography

Islamic Studies, by Dr. Allan Godlas


"Peace be upon you"

Media in conflict - - Muslim responses to terrorism

Muslim spiritual response to Sepember 11

The Nation - September 11 Resources and articles

NATO and terrorism

Pan-Arabism - Wikipedia

Para-state, liberation and terror organisations - FAS

Research and Reference Sources: Events of Sept 11 - extremely comprehensive - Gary Price

Roots of Resentment - America, Great Britain, and the Arab World - American RadioWorks

Secret Empire, the US military in the 21st century - MSNBC

Seeking Peace - articles on Israel/Palestine, terrorism, spiritual teaching and healing

Stop Terrorkrigen, Denmark

Taliban and Afghanisatna weblinks - USIP

Terror - background and threat assessment - FAS

Terrorism/Counter-Terrorism weblinks - USIP - very comprehensive

Terrorism - educative links

Terrorism - Killenroos resources

Terrorism, select guide to information

Terrorism trends

The Atlantic Online

The Truth About Islam - Wisdom Fund

US military bases and other interactive sections of the war

US Censorship after Sept. 11 - NCAC

US State Department: Patterns of Global Terrorism 2000

US government responses to terror 1995-2001 - documents

War and Peace recommended links

War on Terrorism - News Portal

War on Terrorism websites - extremely comprehensive

View - with many links

ZGram terrorism resources


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Former Yugoslavia







Conflict-Resolution in the field

Peace Research


Reconciliation, truth
and forgiveness

Globalisation & Globalism

September 11 and terror

Intelligence, covert
operations & psycho-warfare


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