A good story out of Africa, in the wake of war and genocide. It is little known but probably one of the most remarkable peace processes in the past few years. TFF has been engaged on and off in the heart-shaped country with 8 million people since the year 2000.

We do conflict-analysis and mitigation, peace education courses, skills training and in 2005-2007 we worked with the Amahoro Coalition with 13 leading NGOs - Amahoro meaning peace.

TFF enjoys the full personal support of the President of the Republic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Speaker of Parliament and of the UN Head of Mission.

From 2007 we have two projects:

1) To help establish the Amahoro Youth Club and make it a leading youth movement for peace.

2) Assisting in various ways the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop an international media strategy so Burundi will appear more in the media, both with its problems but certainly also as a good story out of Africa.

This project is supported by TFF Friends and their donations and - until December 31, 2007 - by the Swedish Folke Bernadotte Academy.

In Burundi even a small sum
goes a long way...
Support the all-volunteer
Amahoro Youth Club and TFF's work with it...

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Videoteque Burundi


Jan Oberg, June 27, 2010
Early warning for Burundi - It needs violence-prevention now
Presidential elections on June 28 could turn into widespread violence. Read the background and what can be done to help 9 million people to continue their peace struggle.

BURUNDI - Breaking News - April 16, 2010
The Amahoro Youth Club that TFF supports has been awarded a peace-building grant by Peace Direct.

We are so proud! Now you can support this truly Gandhian group in Burundi directly



AYC - The Amahoro Youth Club
Learn about the goals and principles of the AYC on its own blog..."We must be the change we want to see".

And there is the new AYC/TFF video - that gives you and intro to the main project of TFF in Burundi.


Articles 2008

Jan Oberg, July 19, 2008
Diary from Burundi # 6
Bridging cultural divides

Jan Oberg - June-July 2008
Burundi - a background

Dairy from Burundi # 5

Dairy from Burundi # 4

Dairy from Burundi # 3


BBC - May 26, 2008
Burundi government and rebels sign ceasefire pact
Burundi's government and last active rebel group, the National Liberation Forces (FNL), have signed a ceasefire.
This is fantastic news for all Burundians but also for TFF working there!

Burundi's foreign minister, May 5, 2008
Antoinette Batumubwira speaks about the media and the good story out of Africa
Interview by Jan Oberg in Bujumbura

Burundi's foreign minister, May 3, 2008
Antoinette Batumubwira speaks about the role of women in Burundi and internationally
Interview by Jan Oberg in Bujumbura

Burundi's foreign minister, May 1, 2008
Antoinette Batumubwira speaks about peace and foreign policy
Interview by Jan Oberg in Bujumbura


Arne Hansen radiointerview, 2. maj 2008
Samtale om FNL's voldsudbrud omkring Burundi's hovedstad - og om den fredsprocess, der trods alt går videre.

Ina Curic & Jan Oberg, April 29, 2008
Early warning - Burundi !
Listen to Burundi’s cry now! If there ever were a case for civilian humanitarian intervention, this is it. And the time is now.

TFF April 22, 2008
Description of the project
"Amahoro - Consolidating Peace in Burundi 2008-2009"

This is our grant application text - purpose, goals, activities, background, our partners - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the newly established AYC, Amahoro Youth Club. (Amahoro means peace).
We provide links to the AYC's own vision and its budget proposals, to the TFF budget and to the support letter from HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs herself.

Finally, you'll see how you can help TFF and the young Burundians succeed.


Jan Oberg, April 2, 2008
Diary from Burundi # 2
About smiles and hospitality as social indicators, about Christian-Muslim relations.

Jan Oberg, March 24, 2008
Diary from Burundi # 1
Observations from a mission, its purpose and the work with the Amahoro Youth Club and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Articles 2007

Jan Øberg, Jyllands-Posten 23. maj 2007
Støt Burundis enestående fredsproces nu!
Fred og udvikling er endnu ikke sikret. Og 300.000 lider lige nu af hungersnød. Hvert år giver verden desværre Burundi mindre end 50 pct. af den nødvendige humanitære bistand på skaldede 150 mio. dollars; det svarer til én dags amerikansk krigsførelse i Irak. Verdens prioriteter er absurde.
Det er nu, Burundi skal have hjælp, og vi skal forebygge en ny krig. Og hvorfor ikke give Nobels fredspris til Burundis syv millioner fredskæmpende mennesker?

Jan Öberg, Aftonbladets Debatt 21:e maj, 2007
Förhindra ett nytt folkmord!
Folkmordet i Burundi krävde 300 000 människors liv. När konflikten ebbade ut och fredsuppbyggandet kom igång försvann världssamfundets intresse för världens tredje fattigaste land.

Jan Oberg, The Christian Science Monitor,
March 15, 2007
Keep Africa's good-news story good
War-ravaged Burundi has made amazing gains recently. But it urgently needs aid.

Jan Øberg, ArneHansen.net - Dialog

Samtale om Burundis fredsbyggeri efter folkemordet
Lyt til hvorledes det lille fattige og ukendte land læmper en brav kamp for at komme videre - og savner det internationale samfunds støtte hertil.


Articles 2006

TFF Amahoro (Peace) Coalition in Burundi,
Spring 2006
Appeal for an Open Center for Peace and Reconciliation !
Twelve of the best Burundian NGOs - youth, women, teachers, media, scholars, former militaries, etc - have joined forces to set up the first ever learning center in support of one of the world's most promising - but internationally unknown - peace processes.
Competent and experienced, they will foster peace and improve life among their 7 million fellow citizens in Burundi, the world's third materially poorest country with so much talent and energy. Burundi must be rewarded for having recognised in earnest that war is rubbish and peace is realistic and possible.
This is your 2006 people-to-people peace project. It's a TFF-initiated project. Do something positive today: read, spread the message and donate! Even the smallest support will make a huge difference.

Grant proposal with budget for TFF's activities - "Solidifying Peace in Burundi" 2006-2007

Project Activity Report 2005-2006

Everything published about Burundi between 2003 and 2005

Everything published about Burundi between 2003 and 2005


Quality articles - thought-provoking, informative, or "different"- written by people who are not TFF Associates. We recommend and share them with our readers.

Various videos from Burundi

The TFF Burundi
Theme and Action Group, TAG
Ina Curic
Jan Oberg - project responsible
Else Hammerich
Christian Hårleman
Chantal Mutamuriza
Evelin Lindner
Adolphe Sururu

Photo galleries

Visit Bujumbura, Burundi...

More than 20 unique photo series
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The Amahoro Coalition that TFF worked with 2005-2007

• African Public Radio - Radio Publique Africaine (RPA)

• Association des Femmes Juristes du Burundi (AFJ)

• Association Pour La Paix et les Droit de l'Homme (APDH)

Compagnie des Apôtres de la Paix (CAP)

• Centre d'Alerte et de Prévention des Conflits (CENAP)

• Maison de la Presse du Burundi - House of the Press

• Observatoire de l'Action Gouvernementale (OAG)

Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services (THARS)

Universite Lumiere de Bujumbura

Ligue Burundaise des Droit de l'Homme - ITEKA

• Syndicat des Travailleurs de l'Enseignement du Burundi - The Teachers' Union of Burundi (STEB)

• Forum pour le Renforcement de la Societe Civile (FORSC)

• Genies en Herbes - Youth organization


Videoteque Burundi - a selection