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Mahdi Elmandjra

Born in Marocco. Professor Mahdi Elmandjra graduated from Cornell (USA) and obtained his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. He teaches international relations at the University of Rabat since 1958. He was Director General of the Moroccan Broadcasting Service and Counselor of the Moroccan Mission to the UN. He occupied various functions in the UN System (1961 to 1981) including that of Assistant Director General of UNESCO for Social Sciences, Human Sciences and Culture.

He was President of the World Future Studies Federation and of Futuribles International (Paris) as well as the Founding President of the Moroccan Association of Future Studies and the Moroccan Organization of Human Rights. He is a member of the African Academy of Sciences and of the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco. He has been a Visiting Professor to Tokyo University (1998) and a Visiting Scholar of the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) in 1999 at the Tokyo Keizai University.

He has published, in 13 languages, several books and over 400 articles. See the full list here.

He received the Prix de la Vie Economique 1981 (France), the Grand Medal of the French Academy of Architecture (1984), the distinctions of Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters (France, 1985) and of the Order of The Rising Sun (Japan, 1986),the Peace Medal of the Albert Einstein International Academy and the Award of the World Future Studies Federation (WFSF) in 1995.

Mahdi Elmandjra became a TFF associate in September 2002.


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Articles by Mahdi Elmandjra

Mahdi Elmandjra, June 26, 2006
Premiere Guerre Civilisationelle
TFF Associate
Elmandjra wrote this book in the wake of the Irak-Kuwait-US war 15 years ago, He termed it the first civilizational war, years before Huntington and others had thought about it. Now it is out in its 3rd edition. It's a much needed perspective on today's news flows from the region.

Mahdi Elmandjra, April 6, 2006
What future for Islam in Europe? - pdf
Moroccan culture and future researcher offers facts and macro perspectives on the conflict between the two civilisations, in stark contrast to Huntington's clash hypothesis. He ends with a perspective of future peace-making. The author has just been awarded the honour of "Leading Educator of the World 2006" by the
International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, the U.K. More here about Elmandjra, one of the most impressive global visionaries of our time.

TFF Associate prevented from speaking in Morocco, July 15, 2005
This is about Mahdi Elmandjra
TFF Associate and a towering figure in academia and culture. Read about him here. He has been forbidden to give a lecture on human rights and democracy in Tetouan in Northern Morocco.
Read about Elmandjra and his remarkable achievements.
Read about the attack on him.
Sign an appeal to support him and the principle of free speech.
Other expressions of solidarity with Elmandjra.
Write a letter of support to himself.

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