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Katsuya Kodama

Born March 30, 1959

Educational Background

1982 Entered MA course in Sociology, Hiroshima University.

1984 Completed MA course in Sociology, Hiroshima University.

1984 Entered Ph.D course in Sociology, Lund University, Sweden.

1990 Received Ph.D in Sociology from Lund University.


Occupational Background

1990 Become Ass. Professor at Department of Humanities, Mie University.

1992 Become Associate Professor at Department of Humanities, Mie University.


Activities of Academic Associations

1991 Become Council member, Peace Studies Association of Japan (until now).

1994 Become Secretary General, Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association (until 2000).

1998 Become Vice-President, International Peace Research Association (until 2000).

2000 Become Secretary General, International Peace Research Association (until 2004).

2004 Become Member of the Executive Committee, International Social Science Council (until now).

2005 Become General Director, Community Development Institute at Mie University (until now).


Research Fields

Sociology, Social movements, NGOs, Municipal International Cooperation, Ethnicity, Foreign workers, Refugee issue, Hiroshima-Nagasaki issue.

Katsuya Kodama is a member of the Peacebuilding Study Group - together with other TFF Associates,Yasunobu Sato and Hisae Nakanishi

Professor Kodama joined TFF as Associate in 2004.



 Dept.of Humanities, Mie University,
1515,Kamihama, Tsu,514-8507 - Japan


+81-59 231-5588





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