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Ellen Frank

Ellen Frank is founder and artistic director of the not-for-profit Ellen Frank Illumination Arts Foundation, Inc. and its unique Illumination Atelier. She has a record of achievement uniquely suited to its multi-faceted program of arts production and teaching.

A scholar of distinction, she studied art history and connoisseurship at Yale and has an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in English Literature and the Visual Arts from Stanford University. Her many awards in painting, book design and scholarship include a Fulbright Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts grant, Ford Foundation fellowship, Pollack-Krasner Award in Painting, and a New York Foundation for the Arts grant.

Her first book, Literary Architecture: Essays Toward a Tradition (University of California Press) won The New York Institute for Graphic Arts 50 Best Books, the Ronce & Coffin Club Design Award, and "Best of All Award Winning Books" by Book Builders West.

For the 50th Anniversary of The Association of American University Presses, the University of California Press chose Literary Architecture "as their single book to represent the highest standards of design and production." Frank's depth of understanding and scholarly expertise in the fields of aesthetic theory, art and architectural history, can be felt in all of her work and in the richness and beauty of the art itself.

For the past two decades, Ms. Frank has been creating and exhibiting her illuminated manuscripts, works on linen and panels, murals and scrolls that incorporate 22-karat gold leaf and other precious metals. Her careers as painter, writer and scholar and her interests in philosophical and historical themes have been woven into many beautifully illuminated paintings and series of paintings. Frank's work has appeared in about fifty solo and group exhibitions across the United States

Dr. Frank is also a gifted and imaginative teacher and lecturer. She started her professional life as Assistant Professor of English Literature and the Visual Arts at the University of California, Berkeley, and has continued to teach as guest artist since, at Barnard College, Rutgers University, School of Visual Arts, in her studio and in presentations at museums and galleries.

Frank's work, including the preliminary paintings "Hanukkah Illuminated", "The Illuminated King Arthur" and "Cities of Peace" receives praise from critics, writers and collectors:

"Frank's work is emphatically contemporary; it pits the emphemerality of life against the still moment of art while affirming the value of both" (The Los Angeles Times)

"The amazed delight this project is bound to elicit ensures that Hanukkah Illuminated will last as long as the best examples of any great civilization can endure" (Marshall Yaeger, Anchor-International Foundation)

"The ambitious paintings of Ellen Frank have strong philosophical roots. This positions them, both perceptually and intellectually, among the most valid contemporary investigations in art." (The New York Times)

ELLEN FRANK ILLUMINATION ARTS FOUNDATION, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) public benefit foundation whose purpose is to enable the revitalization of the art of illumination and creation of new works of art in this genre.

Through its unique Illumination Atelier, EFIAF supports, trains and unites a diverse group of apprentices and experts who address contemporary and timeless issues through illuminated art.

ELLEN FRANK ILLUMINATION ARTS FOUNDATION affirms the transformative power of art and illumination as instruments for peace and understanding.

Ellen Frank came across Jan Oberg's photo series from Iraq and used one of them when she created a larger painting for the series Cities of Peace.

Frank joined TFF as Associate - and as our first artist - in July 2006.

Here is another presentation of Ellen Frank and her works.


73 Squaw Road, East Hampton N.Y. 11937, U.S.A.


+1 631 329 0530





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Works by Ellen Frank

Ellen Frank, August 12, 2006
The "Cities of Peace" series of paintings by Ellen Frank
Ellen Frank is TFF's first artist Associate. We are proud to introduce her works which build bridges between art and peace. Cities of Peace offer paintings of Baghdad, Jerusalem, Kabul, Lhasa and other cities. This page also contains links to Ellen Franks fascinating homepage.










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