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TFF Founders receive
Peace Award in Italy
on Human Rights Day 2003


Founders Christina Spännar and Jan Oberg have been awarded the Annual Award for Building Peace by the City of Castelnuova Magra. The ceremony will take place in Castelnuovo Magra on December 10.

The Award is related to Dante Alighieri who - exiled in the land of Lunigiana, - in 1306 mediated a peace agreement between the powerful Malespina family and the Bishop Count's diocese, after years of war. Thus, the Municipal Council of Castelnuovo Magra has written into the Preamble of the Statutes of the City "that Castelnuovo and its people are obliged to work for peace and "to learn how to become peace makers."

The Award which is given in co-operation with the Buddhist Institute of Soka Gakkai of Italy goes to personalities who have distinguished themselves in the promotion of a peace culture. The founders have asked to receive the Award on behalf of all who are related to and work with TFF.

In 2001, the Award was given to another TFF Associate, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda of Soka Gakkai; in 2002, Father Elias Chacour, founder of of the multi-religious college of Ibillin in Nazaret, received the honour.

"This is a very important recognition of TFF's work. We are honoured and moved," the founders say. "We also look forward to meet the peace people of Italy during our lectures - one in Castelnuovo and one at Pisa University on the 11th - and during press conferences and meetings with Italy's Soka Gakkai members. The world would be a more peaceful place if more municipalitites and their citizens were committed to learn how to contribute to peace and human rights."




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